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Edit: I honestly did not expect the amount of support I've received, I thought only a few people would still be active watchers. It genuinely warms my heart to see so many familiar faces still around here. I'm going to do my best to be more active. I plan to make a little time every week to reply to at least a few journal comments and my front page comments, as long as I'm able. (Sadly I don't think I'll be able to keep up with deviation comments besides specific questions) In the past I had way too much social anxiety to socialize outside of streams- but putting a tiny bit of effort into communicating with people who support me is a positive way to become less anxious.

Thank you all so much. Pink Heart Icon 

-End edit-

Hello everyone, I'm back. Here's the important updates then I'll follow up with a personal update:

1. All the art I had in my storage has been made public again. Everything should be up unless it was outright deleted previously. The only things I've deleted that I can remember are personal pieces I really didn't like or old commission special advertisements, though. If you can't find something, I deeply apologize. But most the stuff should be there, including all the Pokepanties pictures. (if you want to know the reasons for this I'll explain later on in this journal) NOTE: Currently the featured folder is messed up, stuff is completely out of order- I'll be organizing everything into folders ASAP to fix that.

2. Comments for most images have been restored as well. I disabled comments temporarily because I couldn't moderate them while I was gone. Some still have comments disabled just because the comments were attracting negativity that wasn't even about the art itself.

3. I'll be switching back my username to Pastelletta or something similar asap- after some thought I'm not really into this current username as much as I thought I was. Sadly you can only change your name on dA every 6 months with a premium account, so I'll have to wait a bit longer. Because of this though I'll most likely be discarding my PasLait twitter and Furaffinity in favor of my old Pastelletta accounts. Once I'm uploading on those I'll be linking them here again.

4. I've decided to make this account exclusively anthro/monster content. I have a new account ready for human-characters-only art, just need to finish some projects to post and I'll be linking it. Non-human characters take up the majority of this account so human-only characters get overlooked. I think this'll be best not only for personal organization but also for people who may like me for my human drawings but aren't really into anthros or monster characters.

5. Lately I've felt like doing more explicit work than before, and exploring my personal fetishes (femdom, big and tall women with smaller partners, tentacles, etc.). Due to this I may be uploading more outside of deviantart. If you'd like to see more of that I'll be posting it on Furaffinity and Pixiv which require accounts to see NSFW. As stated previously please keep an eye out for links to those new accounts.

Personal update (Not so fun stuff ahead, if you're not in the mood feel free to skip!):

It's been a really bumpy time since I lost someone close to me in February to a chronic illness. My mental health was already in a bad state before the loss and it plummeted lower after. My family and friends saw how bad I was doing and urged me to get help, which I have. I'm finally treating a lot of mental health issues I was ignoring. It's a long road till I feel back to my old self but I'm doing my best.

Because of the mental health problems I was obsessed with how people perceived me, or at least how I thought they did. It made me hate a lot of my art and feel like trash because I "wasn't good enough". To top it off there were people in my personal life who didn't approve of the content I was doing and that really got to me. Because of that I hid most my gallery other than a few pieces I liked too much to remove. To be honest I felt like deleting all my accounts at some points. I was really weak.

But once I started to get help and get support from people who care about me I saw how much I was beating myself up over something that used to make me happy. So, I made the plan to come back here and un-hide all my art around my 5th anniversary. I know a lot of those images I hid out of my own issues were pieces people enjoyed. If those art piece make people happy and aren't hurting anyone then I want to display them.

I sincerely apologize to anyone who was upset when I hid certain art piece. Hopefully you'll be able to find the pieces you like again.

On a positive note: While I was gone I did a lot of studying trying to be a better artist, and I feel like I've made a little improvement. When I get back to regularly updating I hope you all will enjoy the results.

Thanks to everyone who's still here with me after all this time. I truly appreciate your support.


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United States

IMPORTANT: I sadly cannot reply to 99.9% of comments at the moment due to busy-ness. If you have an important question though, especially regarding commissions etc. please send me a note or an email (current email is in my commission info.)

Do not expect a response to questions in the comment section below ever. I don't feel comfortable answering questions on my main page. I hope you can respect that and send me a note with any questions instead!



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I love your art!
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Glad to know you are back, and sorry for your loss :(
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Thank you. It's good to be back. Thanks for everything! 
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What was the old name, before 'PasLait' ?
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Patelletta buddy.
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